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Austin, TX Office Lease Rates

Texas Net LeaseHow do you know a commercial real estate broker can perform and provide you great service? Service is action, not words, wouldn’t you agree? Check this page out if you want to have a birds-eye view of what is going on with lease rates for office space in Austin.  By tracking Austin office lease rates , we can provide our Clients with real time accurate information. The next step? Team up with Shire Commercial to provide You the necessary actions it takes to find a a commercial property for lease or sale so that you can save a lot of time and hassle running around needlessly. Contact us today.

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Austin, TX Office Condos For Sale

Would you like to purchase an Office Condo or Office property? All of our buyer-clients receive:

  • Efficient first class response that includes market surveys for office condos for sale in Austin.
  • Utilization  of our market knowledge that helps you make the best offer on an Austin Office Condo or Building.
  • 100% support includes recommending lenders , current interest rates, negotiation support, market comps and more, see what is available within this page

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Cheap offices for Lease Austin

Are you in the Austin market to find value offices or cheaper rental office spaces? Providing Clients results and finding Austin office space for lease since 2004 is the experience tenants have direct benefits from. You will find office space that will have lower lease rates in Austin’s commercial real estate market. Keep in mind offices for lease that have lower lease rates tend to fall into office space classes of  Class B or lower.  Offices less than 1500 SF require a 3 yr term for us to to be able to help our clients.Regarding commercial rental rates,  please don’t expect a Class A office space to have below market lease rates when vacancies are lower .Austin office space rates are based on supply and demand statistics at the time the search is made for you.

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