Austin, TX Office and Warehouse Lease Terms


Office and Warehouse Lease TermsAn office property lease for a commercial office in Austin usually does not have language that defines the type of office lease that is in place. There are several types of Austin office and warehouse leases and they can be a bit confusing.

Tenancy at Will: office or warehouse leases allow the landlord to ask you vacate when they please. An Austin office or warehouse  property  lease which is a month to month lease or called “periodic tenancy” or “tenancy at will”.

NNN Lease: The most common office or warehouse  leases in place are NNN called triple net leases followed by a modified gross lease or full service lease. An office or warehouse property lease known as a triple net lease is an Austin office or warehouse  lease where the landlord will push thru the operating expenses to the tenant. These operating expenses for the office space or warehouse property include taxes, insurance and common area maintenance costs. The landlord receives a net rent from their commercial property with a triple net lease in place.

Modified Gross: A modified gross office or warehouse  lease is an office lease where the rent is combined with operating expenses and the tenant pays for electric and janitorial costs.

Full Service Lease: A full service lease is an office or warehouse  lease that has the operating expenses and rate combined giving you the total amount you have to pay per month. Full service rates most of the time include all bills paid. So there are no extras incurred in the office rent.

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