Austin, TX Office Lease Rates

Texas Net LeaseHow do you know a commercial real estate broker can perform and provide you great service? Service is action, not words, wouldn’t you agree? Check this page out if you want to have a birds-eye view of what is going on with lease rates for office space in Austin.  By tracking Austin office lease rates , we can provide our Clients with real time accurate information. The next step? Team up with Shire Commercial to provide You the necessary actions it takes to find a a commercial property for lease or sale so that you can save a lot of time and hassle running around needlessly. Contact us today.

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You can check  more detailed vacancy rates below, vacancy into Q4 2015 overall went down 1% point to 9.6%. There are specific Austin office properties that have a very tight supply such as Downtown,  Northwest  & North East and Southwest office space using the vacancy date from the previous quarter.

On this page you will get a market snapshot of the quarterly Austin, TX office lease rates. The data is accurate within a 90 day period, data is provided in arrears , lease rates do not change by a large percentage over one quarter., however these are “active lease rates” that we track.  Where are these offices located? That is where a broker with knowledge and experience brings value to You as the Client!  Call us so we can help you find and negotiate an office lease or purchase.

Austin Office Lease Deals



Office Sub-Market Class of Space Office lease rate averages
Quoted per year without expenses Q1 2017
Overall Average A and B $33.80 -Down
Northwest -Arboretum
Far Northwest
$49.00 Down
$33.50 Down
$31.36 Up slightly
North Central
A -B
A -B
$26.00 Down
$25.00 Down
$36.75 Down slightly

Vacancy of  Austin Office Property- As of  Q1 2017

 Moving into the 1st  quarter 2016, office vacancy rates overall moving downward

CBD 7.9% | East 7% | Far Northwest 9.2% | North 8.6% |North central 7.6% | Northwest 9.5 % | South 17% | Southwest  10%


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How to calculate your monthly rent? Use the following formula: Square footage per yr divide by 12 X the square footage of the office.

Example: $12.00 per SF per Yr /12 = $1.00 X 1,000 SF (office) = $1,000 per month for your rent.