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Austin, TX Office Space for Lease Availability


Austin office property for lease

Here is a quick way to get an overview of what Austin office spaces are for lease listings in the area. Alot of tenants will use tools like Loopnet to find Austin office properties that have an office space to lease.  Although, this tool will give most people the location and listing of the office space, it does not give a person all the tools they need.  The search and location of the office space is only the first step in a 12 to 15 step process to complete and execute a lease document. 
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Leasing an office

When it comes to Austin office for lease, a client will get full support throughout every step of the process , from search and location , to setting up tours, to negotiation and concessions strategies for office leases.  So for starters, this may be a good list to view to see what is out there, for more detailed information, you can view current  availability and lease rates by sub-market

Finding sublease listings

One of the downsides to finding an Austin, TX office for sublease listing is that they typically do not have signage along the road, so a drive -by will not really help much. Shire Commercial tracks internally the Austin office subleases in the area to make sure we are on top of potentials for our clients. You can also view the updated data chart for Austin office subleases page

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