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Represent yourself or Be Represented by a professional with experience ? With the internet and information at your fingertips a lot of buyers and tenants may choose to  represent themselves to find office and warehouse space on their own.  We do not disagree that the information is there for anyone to pick off, however the facts are , the information is sometimes limited, time consuming and it can be stale plus does it cover what has to be done to complete a sale or lease transaction?  With proprietary tools , and direct market experience our Clients receive a  lease analysis, market intelligence, and the burden removed from their shoulders. Buyers and Tenants get all of this expertise at no charge. What can be done for you ? Check out this page for more answers or call us today!



Austin, TX Office Space Tenant Representation

As a client with Shire Commercial , there are distinct advantages and benefits provided to you by working with  a tenant and buyer representation broker that specializes in Austin office and warehouse space for lease or sale.  Here are the benefits to you as a client in more detail
For Austin office space and  warehouse property, you will receive
  • a detailed analysis of  office rental rates
  • new tools that show lease analysis side by side with like properties
  • Tenant support throughout the 12-15 steps it takes to execute an office lease
  • Buyer support throughout the 12-15 steps it takes to execute an office condo or building purchase
  • connections with 3rd party providers for internet, legal, insurance and finish out
  • surveys that have address, pictures, and the pertinent information you need as a tenant or buyer
  • a lease commentary for a tenant and review of all Austin office leases and  warehouse leases
  • quicker turn around than most brokers because we are on top of the market every day

Austin Buyer and Tenant Representation- Why?



Tenant and Buyer Representation for Warehouses

Shire Commercial as a specialist truly focuses on warehouse and office space, from time to time we may take on a Retail type client, however that is not our main focus. We have helped many buyers and tenants find a lease or purchase , you can visit a list of example transactions or a list of deals we have done in the past.

Austin office property, office condos and warehouse property listings

From time to time Shire Commercial does take an Austin office listing or Austin warehouse listing, however the primary responsibility is to you as a client being a tenant or buyer of office property or warehouse space in Austin.   Because we are picky about listing, we do not have conflict of interests with multiple owners of commercial real estate in the Austin area.